Sara's Barber Shop - Verwood

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I've known Sara for a long time now, and she asked me if I could work with her team to capture some portraits posing in outfits with some fresh hairstyling.


First up was Shannon. I captured a few shots of him on his bike and then got up close to focus on the hair styling.



Next was Drew. There was a big focus on accessories to help the portrait tell a story, so we added the clippers, comb etc to help with the concept.



Shannon then did an outfit change, and I captured several poses and looks. At the end of the shoot we bought out a hair dressers chair and Sara's dog, and I managed to grab the following portait of Shannon and the Dog which I thought worked really well.



Finally, we grabbed a few group shots including this fun one...


I really enjoyed working with the team there.

If you are local, and need a short back and sides, definitely worth using the barber shop! (I'm saying that as a customer of theirs in addition to being their photographer :) )

Thanks for reading!




New Work: Pro Footballer Shoot - Joe & Alex - Liverpool FC

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With Liverpool playing Real Madrid tonight, I wanted to share before and after's of a recent PRO FOOTBALLER shoot with brothers, Joe & Alex. Two hardcore Liverpool supporters, and football fanatics.


These guys turned up to the shoot well prepared and ready with some poses which is great. The boys totally understood the kind of larger than life, super hero look and feel I go for with these portraits and nailed it!


As always, we spent time shooting several looks and poses to give options. I typically sway more towards shooting a single player for the PRO FOOTBALLER image, but can add more players if needed. I tend to find it's easier to still shoot the players individually, and then combine them into the one image, and that's exactly what we did here. I created a different wider background for this to give the two players more room around them, and added some more interesting and dramatic clouds. See the wider shot and then with clouds added....




Here are the boys cut out and positioned ready to drop into the background (before any colour corrections and retouching applied):


Then I positioned to the two players slightly to the left of the background, resized them a little to show some of the difference in height between the brothers, and then began working on them.


The boys parents were keen to keep relatively realistic, v's some of my other PRO FOOTBALLER images, and other work in general, so I didn't stray to far from the out of camera shots, in terms of effects. I adjusted the exposure a little to match the background, worked on blemishes, lights and darks in the skin, enhanced the eyes, desaturated a little and then focused on blending the players with the background.

Here is the shot at 90% completion. I always take my images to this point and then step away for a bit and then return and for the finishing touches, or to revisit any thing that's niggling me about the shot.

.....and here is the final image with some final colour changes, clarity and vignetting....:

I was really pleased with the results. Needless to say this has made it's way straight into my portfolio. You can see a bigger version of the image by clicking on the picture above.


Keep an eye out for these boys, as there were several good shots from the session, so it's quite possible, you'll be seeing more of them :)

Thanks for reading.




Website Enhancements

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Hi everyone. 

I've made a few enhancements to my website that I wanted to share as I've been working to make the whole experience a bit better and quicker including adding a 'lifestyle', and 'recently' option on a new menu from the home page I'm calling 'photo books.' I've then added an option to view the work that sits in my actual portfolio. Approaching this way means I can share more work, but also allows people to hone in on select pictures across all of what I do quickly. I've also added a 'quick portfolio' link on my home page to go straight there...


I've also changed the way each photo book is laid out so you can scroll down instantly and view as a snap shot, or click into images to make larger, and can still view as a slide show....



I'm always tweaking the site but these are some of the bigger changes I've made for a while and am pleased with how it's looking. Take a scout around it and let me know what you think. I'm going to be adding to the newer categories in the next few days so keep an eye out.





Sneek Peek: Baber Shop Portait

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I was recently commissioned to capture some portraits for Sara's barbers in Verwood. I'm not going to go into masses of detail here, I'll save for a seprate post. However, I wanted to give a sneek peek of one of the shots that I captured of Shannon who is a member of the team and his dog sitting outside the shop. I loved this picture so much, as soon as I got back from the shoot, backed up the images, I began processing and retouching it and then added to my portfolio. I hope you like...


Here is the out of camera shot........


Here is the final image processed and with some on the image



Thanks for reading. Keep an eye for a post that covers the Barber Shop photo shoot in more detai.



NEW WORK : Pro Footballer Shoot - Jack

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I wanted to share before and afters for a pro footballer image I created for up and coming footballer, Jack.


With this particular image, I loved the pose that Jack has here, and his facial expression. Really meaning business, so I didn't want to put him in front of the normal goal, or in a stadium setting. I liked the colour of the kit, so wanted to do something with a background that would allow me to add some yellow in so I worked with some stadium chairs I have in my collection, and changed their colour to match the colour of the shirt.


Here is the before image of the background pre a colour change: 


Here is the out of camera shot of Jack:

Here is the combined final image: (click on the image for a larger view in the PRO FOOTBALLER portfolio)



Thanks for reading.