Mothers Day, Prints, Sneek Peeks & Latest News

April 01, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I've been working on several projects recently, so wanted to share some latest news.

I was asked to shoot some portraits for mothers day gifts on location. I don't shoot children and families so much any more, but when I do, I prefer doing them on location to add some life and color to the backgrounds. It can also add to the story telling. With this particular shot, I added a high key look in post processing to liven it up even more given it was a fun shot.....



One of the shoots involved delivering a high quality print which would be framed and presented as a surprise gift on mothers day. Below is a shot of the image and then the mum holding the print looking pretty pleased:




This brings me onto prints. Every few months I post a blog reminding people of the importance of prints, certainly to me, my workflow and the type of work I produce, but also encouraging you guys to get more of your work printed. It's too easy now with devices etc to capture work but never get it up on the walls. I recently posted on my facebook some refresher portraits I shot of my kids and was delighted when the enlarged prints turned up! Holding the end product in a high quality print in your hands adds a new dimension to the photography process. I absolutely love getting my projects and client work on print and receive great feedback around the quality of these.

My message as always..... get prints of your snaps up on the walls. Enlarge the high quality stuff if you can. If we work together I'll always encourage prints as an option and show you my portfolio of work in print form to give you an idea of the kind of results I'm always talking about :)


Sneek Peek/Latest News

I have a couple of projects in the pipeline that I'll be sharing results on, but in the meantime here are a couple of early portraits from those shoots. More to follow.....





I've redesigned my business cards so thought it would be worth sharing.........



Finally, my PRO FOOTBALLER backgrounds are always being revamped so if you have a junior footballer who wants to be captured in a cool, commercial looking image, feel free to check out the details of the package and get in touch.



That's it from me. Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of the week.


Serious Side...

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I wanted to share a new addition to my portfolio. This is a shot of a friend of mine Tom where I wanted to shoot a very simple, close, dark dramatic portrait using a single strobe light in a softbox, black background and then zooming in tight to give it some real impact. A lot of my work is cropped close in and I do like the feeling that gives off in a shot.


For colour processing, I really just added contrast and desaturated the colour. The retouching was pretty minimal too, and if your wondering whether I enhanced the beard in any way....I didn't. It's was as tidy as that straight out of the camera. Not a hair out of place! I did remove some minor blemishes, and bring out the light and dark areas a little. Then just some enhancement work on the eyes to finish things up.  


It's amazing what cropping can do. Photo's and style are very subjective. I have to say I've never had a problem cropping in and cutting the tops of heads a bit if it works for the shot. I find it helps pull you into the image a bit more.



I also applied some black and white treatment to this and love the results....




Let me know in the comments which one you prefer....


Thanks for reading.


This Is What I Do....

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I've been wanting to write this post for a while now, and given it's January (although nearly over), beginning of a new year etc, I figured this would be a good time.


When I tell people I'm a photographer, they ask me what kind, weddings, families, kids, maternity etc. For those people who have followed my work for the past few years, you'll of seen that I have actually done a bit of all of these, and I've learnt plenty along the way. However, whilst I still shoot portraits, a lot of what I create has evolved along with my style. 


Most of the portraits I am producing now start with a concept. An idea, a theme, something that has different elements to it that I want to bring together to create something different and unique. Sometimes this may be one, or a few images.


Shooting a subject in the studio is just one of the critical steps in the creative process that I go through to produce my images. Good interaction with the subject to bring out character, expressions, feeling, emotions is critical as is quality of lighting. In addition to this though is the process of capturing backgrounds. I'm always scouting new locations and building up a collection of backgrounds that I will use in my images. Then finally there is the photoshop and retouching where all the planning, the subject, the background images and creativity come together to result in what I always strive to be a cool, edgy, artistic bend on reality that has a larger than life feel to it. I want my work to have impact. 


Style is often something I get asked about. If you look through my work you'll notice most of it is quite dramatic. I don't tend to do smiles too often with my subjects. Instead I love portraits that are intense, interesting and in particular a look in someone's expression that suggests they means business!


I've picked a few random images from 2013 that started with a concept, shoot the subject in studio and then add the background elements to create the final image. Click on the image to go to the blog posts which show before and afters aswell as details of the shoot setup etc. Hopefully this helps to show more about the way I produce my work. I've also added a video clip showing what goes into my 'PRO FOOTBALLER' shoots, and it's the same kind of steps that apply.




If you have a concept in mind and would like to work with me to create a unique portrait, feel free to get in touch. I'm always keen to hear new ideas that we can make happen.


Thanks for reading.




Scooter Boy!

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I captured a backround a while ago with the intention of compositing a skater or scooter rider into the shot and this turned out to be my first personal project of 2014.

I wanted to show the background out of camera prepped, and then with a couple of minor additions.

Here is the prepped background:


With contrast added:

With additional light source to give the effect of more light coming from the lights in the subway to then light the subject:


Here is the out of camera shot of Tom. Always helps when my subjects turn up prepped, and he had all the additional gear needed to help pull this off. He also did a great job with the pose and also facial expression. (you'll see from most of my work, I tend to go for a more serious 'Mean Business' kind of look  rather than smiles)

And here is the final this link to see bigger version.

I also wanted to play with some different tonal effects to see how this would look. (Basically some play around time for me with different effects). See all below.


More projects on the way so keep an eye on the blog. In meantime, if any of you have a concept in mind for anything like this, always feel free to get in touch to discuss your idea. Thanks for reading.


Guys Need Portraits Too You Know!

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I have a confession to make. I hate being in photos. Friends and family will confirm this. I'm much more comfortable being the guy behind the camera.


As last Christmas got closer and closer, I pulled out a family video slideshow I put together from Jan 2013 when we had all the snow, and it showed a family walk where my wife and three kids are all together, rolling around in the snow having fun etc, but I was no where to be seen. I didn't appear in one image, and there were lots! I was the guy taking all the pics.

Don't get me wrong, I love being that guy, but this really got me thinking about how guys don't tend to want to get pictures taken too often of themselves. Certainly not professional portraits, and yet to our kids, we are probably heroes, and the power of a good portrait shouldn't be under estimated. Especially many years from now!


Anyway, point of the post is......guys..........if you haven't got a decent pro portrait of yourselves, make this year the year you get one done and get something up on the walls in your home. Any concept you have in mind, simple on white background, dark dramatic with shadows on black background, or if you would like something a little more creative and different where we work together to capture a pose and then put you in a cool background to add some drama and impact. Whatever you are into, make sure you get in on the action and let me know if I can help you achieve that!


If you don't fancy the pro portrait approach, if this post just jogs you like it has me to get into more snaps and family video's so your loved one's can see more of you in action (and you in your prime), mission accomplished!


Thanks for reading.....