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Morning all.

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the sunshine. You may have seen on my facebook page my new PRO FOOTBALLER stand and photo book all set up and ready for this years presentation evenings and tournaments.


I wanted to share a few iphone snaps of the stand and banners here on the blog. I need to mention Print Designs who did an excellent job with my artwork designs to bring all of this together for me! Really impressed and great customer service so check them out if you need any of this kind of stuff. You'll see my son at the end standing next to the banner looking a bit shocked at his picture on the banner - gives a good idea of the size of these which I'm delighted about.


I'm also loving my new PRO FOOTBALLER photobook making it easier for people to take a look at my work rather than working through full size prints. ...


I'm hoping to take the stand to several clubs and events through the summer onwards so will keep you posted. First up is Parley Sports FC where I'll be setting up the stand tomorrow and Sunday so if any of you are there, be sure to come over and say hello.

Here is link to my PRO FOOTBALLER page and below is my latest PROMO video. Hope you like it and share.

Enjoy the weekend!


PRO FOOTBALLER WEEK - Promotional Video

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Not much talking to do today except to say please check out my  new PRO FOOTBALLER promotional video below and if you like it and/or know any one that might be interested, please feel free to share this blog or the link to my PRO FOOTBALLER package info page HERE.



Thanks as always for reading, 


PRO FOOTBALLER WEEK - The Main Pro Footballers

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My latest PRO FOOTBALLER work came in from Stephen and Amanda Main, for their 3 football crazy sons, Lucas, and their twins, Alex and Harry. The three of them play for Bournemouth Sports FC for their respective age groups, so wanted to capture them in their team colours.

If you've seen my PRO FOOTBALLER work, you'll know it has a certain look and feel to it. I don't tend to do cheesy smiles in any of more, and whilst my PRO FOOTBALLER shoots tend to be with junior players, this doesn't change. I want the players to look like they mean business. Real serious because when I add them to the backgrounds, I purposely add in more drama and impact to the pictures aswell. Heavy clouds, lots of detail etc.


So, it's always great when my clients share this vision and totally get the look we are aiming for, and Stephen, Amanda and the boys totally nailed it. No warming up was needed, once the lights were setup and we got the player positions organised, the boys were on form behind the camera pulling out several awesome poses!

Even though shooting three players, I tend to shoot each player individually and then bring them together in photoshop. Once the favorite three pictures were selected, I produced a quick test shot cutting the players out very roughtly, positioning them on a background and then reviewed with Stephen and Amanda to make sure positioning and sizing of the players works. Then onto the processing side. I'm not going to talk any further on this, instead I've created a very short video that shows the out of camera pictures, the background and then the different steps I went through.........


Here is the final image added to the black mount that I put these on for print.

You can see more of these in my PRO FOOTBALLER portfolio and if you are interested in having one of these shoots, be sure to check out my PRO FOOTBALLER page and feel free to get in touch with any questions.


Thanks for reading,






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My PRO FOOTBALLER package has been running for a couple of years now and continues to be received well. I've been meaning to give the PRO FOOTBALLER package details page a make over for some time now, and create a newer version of the promotional video which shows the process I go through in creating these. I've finally got round to doing this so  am calling this week PRO FOOTBALLER week to help relaunch the package. Each day I'll be posting about my PRO FOOTBALLER pictures so please keep an eye on the blog, and my social media. As always I really appreciate support, likes and shares that my followers and customers give me. 

So first up is a Q&A to help explain what my PRO FOOTBALLER package is all about, why it's different and unique. With much of my work being concept based, this package still represents one of my best value offerings, so I wanted to give a good over view here on the blog and thought doing so in a Q&A format would be good approach........



PRO FOOTBALLER is a specific package I offer to junior football players who wish to be captured in a dramatic, billboard style image. However, this is a photoshoot with a difference, as I cut out the players from the studio background and blend them into a football background, adding effects and enhancements to the entire image to create a picture that has impact and is full of detail and drama.


How much does it cost?

My PRO FOOTBALLER package costs £100.


What do you get for £100?

  • Planning and preparation for the shoot - ideas about kit, accessories, posing, backgrounds to be used and more.
  • The actual shoot - photoshoot under studio lighting - typically lasts 30 - 45 minutes working different poses until we get 'the shot!'
  • Private online proofing gallery allowing you to choose your favorite image.
  • Professional processing, retouching and blending of the player into chosen background.
  • 24X16 high quality print mounted on black surround.
  • Post and packaging charges for the print. (prints have to be collected from me, however instead of printing myself, I use a leading  lab who charge for delivery to me.)


So when you say you cut out the players, apply professional processing, retouching, blending into backgrounds and so on, what does that involve and what difference does this make?

Check out my promotional video to help explain more:



How long does it take you to create the image once decided on the pose?

The processing and retouching typically takes on average around 3 hours. Sometimes more, sometimes bit less, depending on what we are doing with the picture. 


How long does it take for the print to arrive?

I usually say to allow up to 2 weeks for your print to be ready for collection, although I normally better this.


Do you shoot more than 1 player?

Yes. I can add more players to the image, however additional charges do apply given I have to work through the processing, retouching and blending into background work for each player. I also get queries to shoot entire teams and the same applies.


Can I get more prints?

Absolutely...and if ordered at the same time as the original print order, you won't be charged for post and packaging again. I can get prints for all sizes so feel free to get in touch and I can share all the options with you for print sizes.


Can you frame the image?

I can, however this does mean additional costs so again, feel free to discuss these with me and we can agree what makes best sense for you.


Do you require a deposit?

Yes please. As with all bookings, a 50% deposit gurantee's the studio at a certain time and also covers print orders.


How can we see your work?

I have a dedicated Pro Footballer photobook on my website which you can access here. I also have a printed portfolio which you are more than welcome to come and take a look at. I also hope to run a stand again in the summer this year at some of the local football tournaments in Bournemouth and surrounding areas, so you can keep an eye out for me.


Do you run any offers on your standard price?

From time to time, I have run reduced rates on the package, however this tends to be rare as a lot of work goes into producing the images which are a unique investment, and where the price includes the print aswell, it really is great value already.


How do I book?

You can contact me via email - or can call me on 07919 222131. Not just for bookings by the way, if you have any questions about any of the above, or anything else, please don't hesitate to call me any time with no obligation whatsoever.


Thanks for reading. As mentioned above, I'd really appreciate if you can share this page with anyone who may be interested.




BACKUP People!

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Real quick post today. I've said it before, but make sure you back up all your pictures. I spoke to friend the other day who said they haven't backed up phone and camera pictures for nearly a year which made me wince! 


Don't run the risk guys - priceless memories captured in your pictures need to be protected! Especially nowadays where many people are relying on their phone as their main camera to take their snaps. I run a military operation for backing up devices in our house these days given Mrs C has a habit of dropping phones into water! :)


With Christmas, new year and 2014 done, make sure all the magic is protected and you keep on top of your favorite pictures.


Have a good weekend.