New Work - Concepts with Dan Holbeche

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I've done a lot of work with Dan Holbeche in the past, particularly concept based and was pleased to create some new work with him again. Dan has been building a modelling portfolio for a while now and wanted some different looks to include. This is always good news for me as I try out different kinds of techniques and looks to my work.


The first picture was using a background captured early evening, where I wanted to darken the mood a bit and give more of a night time feel. I liked the angles, lines and perspective in this background once I'd enhanced it and rejigged it a bit to work with the portrait of Dan. Then it was a case of lining up the light in the background to the highlight's on Dan's face, and then blending him in and retouching. Colour wise I wanted low key so bought down the exposure and gamma a little to achieve the final look.

The next picture was a simple fashion/lifestyle portrait on a clean white background to give freshness, and then I applied a black and white finish. 


Finally was a picture with some motion in, where Dan is walking to towards the camera. At first I wasn't sure what kind of background to use with this, if any, and was contemplating a texture or something plain, however where he is walking, I didn't feel that would work, so I went with the large double doors, steps and used the light at the top to line up with the highlights on Dan to help sell it. I added a ton of addition lighting into this, normal retouching on Dan and then it was a case of blending and applying an overall colour tone to the picture to match the door light.

It's always great working with Dan. He is great at understanding the concepts I have in mind, and nails the poses and coolness every time. You can see him all over my website so check out my different photobooks, and will no doubt see more in the future.

I hope you like. If you having any questions about these or if you would like to have something similiar created, feel free to send me an email

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.




Black & White Portfolio

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I love black and white photography and I don't do any where near enough of it. However, that is slowly changing. Enough so, that I've finally created a black and white portfolio on my website so make sure you check it out here, and keep an eye, as this will definitely be growing over the next few months.

Here are a couple of pictures included:

I hope you like. Thanks for reading.


Tennis Player Portrait

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With the Wimbledon frenzy around, timing was perfect to add a tennis player to my portfolio of work. I recently went out and captured some tennis court backgrounds, in preparation for this shoot.


The Background:

I wanted to get a local court with natural surroundings rather than Wimbledon (:) ), similiar to some of the PRO FOOTBALLER backgrounds I use and this was perfect. However as you'll see in the out of camera shot, the court was one of a couple side by side, and when I opened it up on the pc, I didn't like the surroundings on the right. So to fix this I had a play around in photoshop and created a mirror of the left side and combined the two. Whilst the angles and perspective aren't quite perfect, you'll see from much of my work, I've never got a problem bending reality a little. 

I purposely went for a little more vibrancy knowing that when I capture the player, I want colour to pop a bit, v's removing some of the saturation as I often do for other projects.


See the out of camera picture, then the final background:

Same image with some colour and sharpening processing applied:

Final background image with some photoshop intervention:

Now for the player. This is actually just one of several shots I captured, so you'll likely see some others soon, particularly as I want some with more action rather than the posed look. That said, I was really liking the attitude in this one. Most of the time, I'm creating backgrounds and the subject, combining both at the same time, however here, the background was already done, so my focus was on cutting the player out, retouching just the shadows, highlights and eyes, and then dropping into the background. Placing wise, I tried him in the left and the right to focus on rule of thirds a little bit more, but the impact here was all in the middle, and I liked the finished results. Apart from some small colour amends to help blend him with the background, and a touch of sharpening, I didn't do too much with this.

Final Image:

You can see the larger version by clicking here.


I have a load more tennis backgrounds, so if you or anyone you know might be interested in one of these pictures, feel free to get in touch.

Thanks for reading,


New portfolio additions

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I've been doing a few different shoots in recent weeks and working as always on some personal projects so wanted to bring everyone up to date on my latest creations.


First is result of an ongoing project using a ton of cool images captured using model Dan Holbeche some time ago. We did a 2 - 3 hour shoot with several concepts in mind which are likely to keep me busy for the rest of the year. Here is one of the most recent images. Very simple, and have stuck to the spy / 007 / hitman theme, and have messed with a very contrasty black and white treatment leaving Dan on a white widescreen background.



Next are some recent PRO FOOTBALLER pictures.

First is Josh who plays for Parley Sports FC. Josh and his family are big AFC Bournemouth supporters, so with them being promoted to the premiership, this was the perfect time to capture Josh in the stadium. Really liked the super hero style posing in this one!

Next is Toby and Oscar who play for Bournemouth Sports FC. These boys are also massive fans of AFC Bournemouth, and their parents chose a similiar stadium background to use aswell. The brothers did great bringing some of the serious, mean looks and poses to the shoot which added to the drama of the final picture.

Really pleased with the results I must say. Of course the PRO FOOTBALLER prints I create bring these to life on another level, but you can check out all of my portfolios to view these and any of my work at a larger size under photobooks on the website.


Thanks for reading. 




Bournemouth Sports FC

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I was fortunate to take my PRO FOOTBALLER stand to Bournemouth Sports FC end of season presentation on Sunday. I was really pleased to receive such good interest in my work from parents on the day, particularly where photography is an art and is therefore subjective, and my work and style is never going to be for everyone's taste. There is nothing better for me when people share my vision around the type of pictures I want to create, and more importantly the feeling, drama and impact I want my pictures to relay.

I have to give a big thanks to Steve Main (V - Chairman for BS FC) for making this happen and all support given to making it work. Also to John Rolfe and the club as a whole. Having been to a few presentation evenings, I have to say I was not only really impressed with the presentation itself, but more importantly the sense of a club that focuses on the right things, and with good principles to help develop young players.

Here are a couple of iphone snaps from the day.


I'm looking forward to working with families at the club in the future.

Thanks for reading.