Bournemouth Sports FC

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I was fortunate to take my PRO FOOTBALLER stand to Bournemouth Sports FC end of season presentation on Sunday. I was really pleased to receive such good interest in my work from parents on the day, particularly where photography is an art and is therefore subjective, and my work and style is never going to be for everyone's taste. There is nothing better for me when people share my vision around the type of pictures I want to create, and more importantly the feeling, drama and impact I want my pictures to relay.

I have to give a big thanks to Steve Main (V - Chairman for BS FC) for making this happen and all support given to making it work. Also to John Rolfe and the club as a whole. Having been to a few presentation evenings, I have to say I was not only really impressed with the presentation itself, but more importantly the sense of a club that focuses on the right things, and with good principles to help develop young players.

Here are a couple of iphone snaps from the day.


I'm looking forward to working with families at the club in the future.

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Video Page

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For those following me on my facebook, you'll of seen me posting very short clips that show before and after pictures and the changes I make to my work to create the final images. I've now set up a dedicated video page on my website and you can check these out here. As the collection of videos grow, I'll be also mirroring these on a you tube channel.


If you haven't seen any, these video's are short clips and aside from the PRO FOOTBALLER promo video, are focused on showing the out of camera shots I've captured, and then the changes I make in photoshop as I combine all the elements together, add some effects and create the final image.

Keep an eye on there as more and more will be added as I work through new projects, and will likely revisit a few older one's aswell to give a hint as to what goes into creating my work.

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As the football season draws to a close, you'll of seen me posting different PRO FOOTBALLER images on my social media pages. Especially as local team AFC Bournemouth have done so well to win the championship and gain promotion to the premiership. I'm a spurs fan, but to see the local club in our area do so well is superb! Of course it wasn't too long ago I was shooting pictures of their stadium to use as backgrounds for my PRO FOOTBALLER pictures. Needless to say, if your kids are AFC Bournemouth fans, and you want a portrait with them in their kits inside the stadium to celebrate their history making season, book now.

On this note, I'm excited to be taking my PRO FOOTBALLER stand to Bournemouth Sports FC end of season presentation evening this weekend. I'll probably post a few pictures of the setup on facebook so make sure if you aren't following me you do so here to keep up to date.


I have a few PRO FOOTBALLER shoots in the pipeline so will be sure to share results here soon. I'm also working on a couple of other projects that I'll blog about soon so stay tuned.


For now though, in sticking with PRO FOOTBALLER pictures as the theme of the moment, I've included again my PROMO video for anyone new to the blog. Please share with friends and families you think may be interested. As always, I really appreciate the support.

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Morning all.

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the sunshine. You may have seen on my facebook page my new PRO FOOTBALLER stand and photo book all set up and ready for this years presentation evenings and tournaments.


I wanted to share a few iphone snaps of the stand and banners here on the blog. I need to mention Print Designs who did an excellent job with my artwork designs to bring all of this together for me! Really impressed and great customer service so check them out if you need any of this kind of stuff. You'll see my son at the end standing next to the banner looking a bit shocked at his picture on the banner - gives a good idea of the size of these which I'm delighted about.


I'm also loving my new PRO FOOTBALLER photobook making it easier for people to take a look at my work rather than working through full size prints. ...


I'm hoping to take the stand to several clubs and events through the summer onwards so will keep you posted. First up is Parley Sports FC where I'll be setting up the stand tomorrow and Sunday so if any of you are there, be sure to come over and say hello.

Here is link to my PRO FOOTBALLER page and below is my latest PROMO video. Hope you like it and share.

Enjoy the weekend!


PRO FOOTBALLER WEEK - Promotional Video

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Not much talking to do today except to say please check out my  new PRO FOOTBALLER promotional video below and if you like it and/or know any one that might be interested, please feel free to share this blog or the link to my PRO FOOTBALLER package info page HERE.



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