PERSONAL PROJECT: Suave & Sophisticated

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I wanted to share a new addition to my portfolio. This is a concept I've had in mind to create for a while now, having captured some cool shots of model Matt Holbeche a while ago, looking sophisticated in a suit.

The background was captured in London, where I landed on my feet a little, as the concept for this shot was to always have a slick flash car in the image, and a few mintues before shooting the background, I had photographed a fully loaded Porsche ready to cut out and drop in. However a Ferrari was parked right outside, setting the perfect scene, and making my life a little easier. :)


The portrait itself was shot in studio, with rim lights hitting the side of Matt's face to help blend into the street light at the top right of the picture. Accessories help add to a shot. I always tell people to accessorize, and the watch in this was perfect and adds to the look and feel of the shot.


In terms of processing, I had to do quite a bit of work on the background, including cutting out movement blur on the flags, removing blemishes and enhancing the highlights and shadows on the Ferrari, including darkening down tyres and making the alloys pop a bit. I added effects to bring out the textures in the building and added more light effects coming from the street lamp. I played around with the positioning of Matt a little aswell. I tend to shoot close up a lot as love to capture details and expresions in the face, so I pulled him close to the front of the image and enlarged as if he were standing right in front of the lens at the scene. Normal retouching applied to skin, eyes, clothing and then finally I applied a black and white conversion. I've been doing quite a bit in black and white recently. Here I think it helped bring the whole piece together better, and with the black suit, black bow tie, white shirt, dark watch etc, I think it worked.

I hope you like. Thanks to Matt Holbeche for bringing the coolness to this project aswell - he totally nailed the look I was after. More project work with him to follow soon so keep an eye on the blog.

Thanks for reading.




Rossgarth Youth FC Football Tournament

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Hope everyone had a good weekend. You'll of seen me posting on Facebook some pictures from the weekend where I sponsored Rossgarth under 8's at the Rossgarth Youth FC football tournament, and for the first time, set up a stall (make shift style) to show my PRO FOOTBALLER work and see if people were interested, and I'm pleased to say they were.



The programme had my PRO FOOTBALLER advert in there aswell which many of you will recognise:


I met many people over the two day's, families, footballers, football managers and all of the Rossgarth managers, organisers etc which was great. One of the highlights was meeting a Gran who had been given one of my PRO FOOTBALLER shoots as a Christmas present a couple of years back, and whilst walking past said that the other work I had on show looked like one she had been given. I over heard this and we started talking. Below is one of the early PRO FOOTBALLER shots I worked on, and one I love for the fact it's a bit closer to the boys and I loved the pose and look these guys pulled off. This shoot was all planned by Ryan and Luke's uncle who is a friend of mine, but I never got to meet the boys mum or Gran so this was great. In fact, once I met the Grandparents, they told me Luke was playing at the tournament and made sure both boys and their mum stopped by the stall to say hello aswell.



Putting the stall together was a first for me and I have to give a mention to my mate James Ashby (Donation who pulled some magic out the hat late on making a sign for me. Also to my mate Chris Parkinson who got hold of the display stand and board by pulling a few strings. Knowing people at these tournaments are willing to stop and show interest in the PRO FOOTBALLER shots means hopefully there will be a next time, and when there is, I'll do the stand, signs and marketing with a little bit more style! (below is an iphone picture of the stand sign in place in the back garden one evening last week when testing everything out.



Both days meant early starts getting the stall up and running. On the first day my son was playing in the tournament which was a bonus, not only so I could enjoy watching him play, but so I could get him up early and down there with me to help set up:)



Here are a couple of shots of Ben in the team winning his medal and then one with all the under 8's who I sponsored and the managers....



Yesterday being Father's day meant all the kids arrived at the show to give some support which was a nice surprise. (am sure the sweet stalls had nothing to do with them coming wallet was definitely lighter by the end of the day :))



All in all, I really enjoyed the weekend. It was great meeting so many people who I hope I'll meet again.

Thanks for stopping by! 





NEWS: ROSSGARTH YOUTH FC Tournament Sponsor....

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Some news I wanted to share... I'm really pleased to be sponsoring Rossgarth Youth FC's under 8's age group at this years six-a-side tournament with my PRO FOOTBALLER photoshoot package. I'll have the below advert appearing in the official programme and weather permitting, will be setting up a stand to show my portfolio of PRO FOOTBALLER's and some before and after's including video.



I'm really excited to be part of the tournament, to support Rossgarth and to see many of you on the day. The dates for the tournament are the 14th and 15th June at Potterne Park in Verwood Town. The tournament kicks off at 9am on both days.


Last year my son played in the tournament which was a real proud moment for me, and we had a great day out supporting all the players. In fact, it was shortly after in the early part of the following season where he was awarded his ever first man of the match! A moment I loved, and obviously meant only one thing to updated PRO FOOTBALLER shoot. (not sure he saw it as the perfect way to celebrate mind you) If you follow the blog, my facebook page or have checked out my portfolio's, you'll of seen this picture already...........


Any way, thanks for reading. I hope to see some of you there, and good luck to all the teams. Enjoy the day!




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I can't believe it's only 1 day to go before the world cup kicks off in Brazil. Of course, this means, only 1 day left to take advantage of my WORLD CUP PRO FOOTBALLER promotion. In case you missed the details, here are details from a previous blog, and below is the promotion poster.


This is one of the best prices I have run the package at, and offers great value as it not only covers the shoot, it includes all of the photoshop work and you receive a large 24x16" print. Hurry, as time is running out! If you aren't sure and would like to discuss in more detail or see examples of the final print, feel free to get in touch with me.


Thanks for reading.


South Coast Fashion Week

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Last Sunday I attended the South Coast Fashion Week at the Bournemouth International Centre and took my son Ben courtesy of my mate and model Matt Holbeche.


You'll have seen some portraits recently on here and my website of my mate Matt Holbeche who was modelling at the fashion week.


Whilst there we got some pro photos taken of Ben by an excellent photographer, Caroline Reed who specialises in kids photography, fashion and weddings. Caroline kindly took some shots of Ben including this picture of him hanging out with Matt and some of the other excellent models at the end which he loved! Big thanks to Caroline for sharing this. If you are looking for portraits of youngsters, weddings and fashion, check out Caroline's website.....


In meantime, here is the picture...........