Stuart Cosgrave Photography: Blog en-us (C) Stuart Cosgrave 2018. All rights reserved (Stuart Cosgrave Photography) Mon, 07 Mar 2016 11:33:00 GMT Mon, 07 Mar 2016 11:33:00 GMT Stuart Cosgrave Photography: Blog 120 80 NEW PRO FOOTBALLER Pictures.... I recently had the pleasure of creating some more of my PRO FOOTBALLER pictures. This time for Bournemouth Sports FC players/brothers, Jack and Harry Burton. I've blogged several times about these shoots, so if you follow me here or on social media, you'll have a good idea of the behind the scenes, and how I shoot and then create them. So I figured rather than walk through similar here, I'd pull together a very short video clip that show the before and afters with very subtle changes made along the way.

Here are the other pictures I created with Jack and Harry.

Hope you like. Click to see more PRO FOOTBALLER and SPORTS pictures. If you are interested in one of these, or would like to discuss ideas with no obligation at all, feel fee to get in touch.

Also, make sure you follow me on Instagram and like my Facebook page to keep up to date on all work/projects and more.

Thanks for reading/watching.




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2015 Look Back Before steaming forward into 2016, I wanted to take a look back at a few of my photography highlights in 2015. I've had the pleasure of working with all kinds of people. There were a couple of stand out projects and pictures I took which I am personally quite proud of. Some of you may agree, others may disagree which is the beauty of photography and art. But I wanted to share them any way with a short summary as to why I liked so much. These aren't in any particular order.

Olympic GB Swimmer Dan Speers:

I was really pleased with the results of this picture for a number of reasons. Firstly, before getting to the techy elements, Dan was a great guy, brilliant to work with, and a real inspiration to others in terms of his discipline and passion for his sport. Secondly, I'd been wanting to add a swimmer to my athletes portfolio for a long time now. Finally the picture itself. I love moody dramatic pictures and this has all of that. Also  I love the pose. We tried a couple of these and Dan nailed it. Making sure we got his arms symetrical was really important, as was working on where there light fell. I wanted just enough to show off his physique including the abs, but with some fall off. Finally, in terms of the story being told, for me this picture tells you everything you need to know about Dan. He is serious about his sport, passionate, is confident, has a real phyiscal presence and stature and means business! I have no doubt Dan will fulfill all his dreams at the highest level!


The Long Road With Cloud Duo:

I loved working with Julie and Gary. They had great ideas from the start and we quickly clicked on the concepts they had in mind. Also they wanted pictures to be created using compositing techniques which I really enjoy. I was really pleased with this background. A bit of traffic dodging in the new forest and some photoshop to remove some cars in the distance made the road empty. I love the perspective, the leading lines from the road pulling you into the picture and the dramatic clouds. What makes the picture though are the poses that Julie and Gary pulled out the hat which were full of attitude and seriousness. I love the way they are standing, and their expressions. Finally, the blending and photoshop work involved really made the picture work.


Tip of the Hat:

This picture was another composit but with a different finish hence me choosing it. It was using a portrait captured from a 2014 shoot with model Dan Holbeche, but I hadn't found a background to fit the angle of Dan until I got this one in London. The way the eyes are lit, his expression, the outfit and also the way this came together in photoshop with the black NOIR feel is why it's one of my standout pictures for last year. I also like the perspective. Dan is an excellent model to work with. Totally nailed the shot here.


Gary from Cloud Duo:


The simplicity of this shot, expression and details in Gary's face makes this intriguing which is why I love this picture. He has that look of someone who is interesting and has many stories to tell. Technically I like where the light hits his face, the fall off and how it's defined his chisseled jaw.



I shot several portraits on black backgrounds last year. Normally I tend to shoot guys on the darker backgrounds when creating heavy drama and shadows, but where Kat has a lot of body art, I wanted to try and blend beauty with some drama and grit. The reason it makes my list of favs are her eyes, the expression and the body art. For me, it's intriguing, pulls you in, has beauty with a nice bit of edge to it. I'm always a fan of simple close up portraits and was really pleased with the finish.


Tennis Champion:

Some sport now and a slightly different type of picture, and I have to confess, this is my son. But as he always helps me practice with my shoots, and nails these cool looks, this also makes the cut. Another reason I like it is the fact I had to create several elements of the tennis court in photoshop myself. The final result of the background is very different to reality and I was happy to do that with this picture. Reality wasn't important.



Finally one of my PRO FOOTBALLER portraits. I love this picture of Nathan. His pose and expression is great, I really like the stadium background and floodlights which all blended nicely and finally the leather football. I ws so pleased he and his dad bought this to the shoot. The finished print of this was fantastic.


There you go. My picks from last year - now to 2016! I hope you liked reading. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch or leave comments.

Thanks for reading!





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A New Year means New Ideas.... Happy New Year everyone!


I normally write a few posts over the Christmas period but this year I was fortunate to have a couple of weeks out from work so decided to down ALL tools. That meant no photography (apart from some family Christmas snaps), no computers, no photoshop, no tablets, etc to concentrate on good family time and it was great.


As always this time of year I start thinking about different ideas for projects and shoots looking for inspiration and already have some good things in mind so watch this space. In the meantime, I haven't posted blogs to share my most recent work as I normally would, so you can check it out HERE.

Also, keep an eye on the blog later this week where I'll be posting a look back on 2015 sharing some of the highlights and favorite pictures.

Thanks for reading. I'm hoping you all enjoyed the festive period and I wish everyone the best for 2016!


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Happy Halloween! Getting this in before the Halloween weekend begins. I don't get into the Halloween hype at all, but, a few years back I messed around with a picture of my son, making him look a bit scary, much to my wife's delight, and whilst she didn't like the results, it was a great opportunity to mess around with some different processing and photoshop techniques.


Here is that picture:

So this year, I thought I'd use Halloween as an excuse to create a new scary picture. Again, mainly as a project, to have some fun and practice things in photoshop. I've had this picture in mind for a while. In fact, since April, as that's when I photographed this background. I drive past this location every day, and have often thought how different the tree's look, and with the right toning and processing, could look a bit creepy and add some some suspense and intrigue to the picture. So I went out and took this shot knowing that at some point, I'd add a character into it. Of course, just my luck, some friends of mine drove past me that day wondering what the hell I was doing creeping around the woods early in the morning!! Any way, here is the original out of camera picture...

For the subject, I asked my mate, Shannon Milton if he fancied helping me out with the picture. He's a barber and I've worked with him in the past creating this portrait which is still one of my favorite ever pictures.

He was happy to help, and as it turned out, he had bought the scary silver skull mask for the barbershop, so I suggested he bring that aswell and we'll see what we can do. Normally for shoots, there is the warm up phase, where the subject is getting used to posing, I'm tweaking my lights etc. Sometimes people don't need that warm up time, and the following picture was the first click of the shutter I made, and I really liked it, so thought I'd share.

Back to the Halloween picture......we then got Shannon into character with the mask and a black sheet I had lying round. Here is the out of camera picture which looked pretty good as is.

Now onto combining the two.  I played around with the positioning, and whilst a lot of my work reflects the rule of thirds, a lot of it doesn't. I know it's breaking the rules, but I prefer to focus on what looks right, feels right and what I like. However, putting Shannon in the middle of this blocked some of the crooked eery trees, which I didn't want to lose, so in the end, applied the rules anyway.

Then onto the photoshop fun. I could ramble on for a while talking about what I did to this picture, but instead, given it's halloween, I thought I'd create a very short video showing the before and after's, and steps in between. Make sure you watch closely, as some of the changes are subtle. I hope you enjoy. You can see a bigger version of the final picture here.

Halloween 2015 Picture Creation

You can catch other video's I've created on my website by clicking here and if you want to be part of a concept shoot like this, whether for a crazy scary halloween picture, or for anything else, feel free to get in touch. I'm always keen to talk ideas.

Thanks for reading.



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Cloud9 Duo Part 2 Hopefully some of you read the first part of this blog post sharing the recent shoot and early results with singer and musician duo Cloud9. If you missed it you can read it here.


This is the second part where, as promised, I'm sharing the concept composited images with you. In all of these, the brief was to create a sense of drama and a bit of a gritty edge.


The Long Road: 

The background was captured in the New Forest and then created using software, although apart from a bit of cloning, I didn't need to do too much with it. The clouds were as they were, and I just added some light rays coming out of the cloud to the left. Then the fun began bringing in Julie and Gary and combining and blending them in with retouching and different compositing techniques to create the final image.


Dusty Tracks:

We knew before taking a single picture what kind of looks and backgrounds we wanted to capture and create, and a dusty road, path way was one of them. This background, also captured in the New Forest was perfect, with the gravelly stoney ground for me to add some dust in photoshop. A little bit of enhancement work was applied to this background and then just colour, before combining Julie and Gary.


London Skyline:

This last picture presented a bit of a challenge, in that I couldn't capture in one picture a rooftop foreground with a decent London skyline and dramatic clouds, so I had to pull in the roof and background elements in separately to create the final image. The nice thing about this is the background is that it's totally unique, given it doesn't exist! I'm going to create a short video showing the before and after's of this soon, so keep any eye out.

You can see larger versions of the pictures in the 'Concepts' photobook.

It was great fun and a real pleasure taking these pictures, creating these images and working with Julie and Gary to ensure the end results were what they needed.

Thanks for reading.



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Cloud9 Duo I was recently commissioned to create a number of pictures for the brilliant singer and musician duo, Julia and Gary...Cloud 9 Duo.


When I took the first call, it couldn't of started better as Julia was looking for some fresh portraits of her and Gary, very much in line with my style of work and creativity, notably wanting plenty of drama in them. 5 pictures in total were to be produced, 1 on a black background, and then 4 composits. 


Whenever I work on concepts like this, the preparation phase is critical to ensure when we finally do the shoot, we are totally in sync with the look, feel and goals of the pictures we are taking. This is even more critical when shooting for composits, as the subjects are often having to picture themselves in an environment and actual scenic background, rather than on the white or grey background I'm using in studio for the original pictures.


The good news is, as soon as the research began, both Julia and I were sharing ideas that were very similar. This resulted in being able to create a set of picture ideas that would help keep us focused for the shoot, and also help me as I begin to capture backgrounds for the composits.


The shoot was split into two halves. The first, was focusing on the black background pictures, and then the second, we switched up the lighting and backgrounds to focus on the composits. I applied several different lighting setup's throughout.


I'm still working my way through the composits, but here is the final picture on black, and the first composit.


I'll share the remaining 3 pictures once completed. In meantime, be sure to check out their website. Julia sang a bit during the shoot and Gary did a bit on the sax. Both are very talented.


Thanks for reading,






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New Work - Concepts with Dan Holbeche I've done a lot of work with Dan Holbeche in the past, particularly concept based and was pleased to create some new work with him again. Dan has been building a modelling portfolio for a while now and wanted some different looks to include. This is always good news for me as I try out different kinds of techniques and looks to my work.


The first picture was using a background captured early evening, where I wanted to darken the mood a bit and give more of a night time feel. I liked the angles, lines and perspective in this background once I'd enhanced it and rejigged it a bit to work with the portrait of Dan. Then it was a case of lining up the light in the background to the highlight's on Dan's face, and then blending him in and retouching. Colour wise I wanted low key so bought down the exposure and gamma a little to achieve the final look.

The next picture was a simple fashion/lifestyle portrait on a clean white background to give freshness, and then I applied a black and white finish. 


Finally was a picture with some motion in, where Dan is walking to towards the camera. At first I wasn't sure what kind of background to use with this, if any, and was contemplating a texture or something plain, however where he is walking, I didn't feel that would work, so I went with the large double doors, steps and used the light at the top to line up with the highlights on Dan to help sell it. I added a ton of addition lighting into this, normal retouching on Dan and then it was a case of blending and applying an overall colour tone to the picture to match the door light.

It's always great working with Dan. He is great at understanding the concepts I have in mind, and nails the poses and coolness every time. You can see him all over my website so check out my different photobooks, and will no doubt see more in the future.

I hope you like. If you having any questions about these or if you would like to have something similiar created, feel free to send me an email

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.




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Black & White Portfolio I love black and white photography and I don't do any where near enough of it. However, that is slowly changing. Enough so, that I've finally created a black and white portfolio on my website so make sure you check it out here, and keep an eye, as this will definitely be growing over the next few months.

Here are a couple of pictures included:

I hope you like. Thanks for reading.


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Tennis Player Portrait With the Wimbledon frenzy around, timing was perfect to add a tennis player to my portfolio of work. I recently went out and captured some tennis court backgrounds, in preparation for this shoot.


The Background:

I wanted to get a local court with natural surroundings rather than Wimbledon (:) ), similiar to some of the PRO FOOTBALLER backgrounds I use and this was perfect. However as you'll see in the out of camera shot, the court was one of a couple side by side, and when I opened it up on the pc, I didn't like the surroundings on the right. So to fix this I had a play around in photoshop and created a mirror of the left side and combined the two. Whilst the angles and perspective aren't quite perfect, you'll see from much of my work, I've never got a problem bending reality a little. 

I purposely went for a little more vibrancy knowing that when I capture the player, I want colour to pop a bit, v's removing some of the saturation as I often do for other projects.


See the out of camera picture, then the final background:

Same image with some colour and sharpening processing applied:

Final background image with some photoshop intervention:

Now for the player. This is actually just one of several shots I captured, so you'll likely see some others soon, particularly as I want some with more action rather than the posed look. That said, I was really liking the attitude in this one. Most of the time, I'm creating backgrounds and the subject, combining both at the same time, however here, the background was already done, so my focus was on cutting the player out, retouching just the shadows, highlights and eyes, and then dropping into the background. Placing wise, I tried him in the left and the right to focus on rule of thirds a little bit more, but the impact here was all in the middle, and I liked the finished results. Apart from some small colour amends to help blend him with the background, and a touch of sharpening, I didn't do too much with this.

Final Image:

You can see the larger version by clicking here.


I have a load more tennis backgrounds, so if you or anyone you know might be interested in one of these pictures, feel free to get in touch.

Thanks for reading,


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New portfolio additions Hi


I've been doing a few different shoots in recent weeks and working as always on some personal projects so wanted to bring everyone up to date on my latest creations.


First is result of an ongoing project using a ton of cool images captured using model Dan Holbeche some time ago. We did a 2 - 3 hour shoot with several concepts in mind which are likely to keep me busy for the rest of the year. Here is one of the most recent images. Very simple, and have stuck to the spy / 007 / hitman theme, and have messed with a very contrasty black and white treatment leaving Dan on a white widescreen background.



Next are some recent PRO FOOTBALLER pictures.

First is Josh who plays for Parley Sports FC. Josh and his family are big AFC Bournemouth supporters, so with them being promoted to the premiership, this was the perfect time to capture Josh in the stadium. Really liked the super hero style posing in this one!

Next is Toby and Oscar who play for Bournemouth Sports FC. These boys are also massive fans of AFC Bournemouth, and their parents chose a similiar stadium background to use aswell. The brothers did great bringing some of the serious, mean looks and poses to the shoot which added to the drama of the final picture.

Really pleased with the results I must say. Of course the PRO FOOTBALLER prints I create bring these to life on another level, but you can check out all of my portfolios to view these and any of my work at a larger size under photobooks on the website.


Thanks for reading. 




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Bournemouth Sports FC I was fortunate to take my PRO FOOTBALLER stand to Bournemouth Sports FC end of season presentation on Sunday. I was really pleased to receive such good interest in my work from parents on the day, particularly where photography is an art and is therefore subjective, and my work and style is never going to be for everyone's taste. There is nothing better for me when people share my vision around the type of pictures I want to create, and more importantly the feeling, drama and impact I want my pictures to relay.

I have to give a big thanks to Steve Main (V - Chairman for BS FC) for making this happen and all support given to making it work. Also to John Rolfe and the club as a whole. Having been to a few presentation evenings, I have to say I was not only really impressed with the presentation itself, but more importantly the sense of a club that focuses on the right things, and with good principles to help develop young players.

Here are a couple of iphone snaps from the day.


I'm looking forward to working with families at the club in the future.

Thanks for reading.





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Video Page For those following me on my facebook, you'll of seen me posting very short clips that show before and after pictures and the changes I make to my work to create the final images. I've now set up a dedicated video page on my website and you can check these out here. As the collection of videos grow, I'll be also mirroring these on a you tube channel.


If you haven't seen any, these video's are short clips and aside from the PRO FOOTBALLER promo video, are focused on showing the out of camera shots I've captured, and then the changes I make in photoshop as I combine all the elements together, add some effects and create the final image.

Keep an eye on there as more and more will be added as I work through new projects, and will likely revisit a few older one's aswell to give a hint as to what goes into creating my work.

That's it for today. Have a good week!




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More PRO FOOTBALLER Action! As the football season draws to a close, you'll of seen me posting different PRO FOOTBALLER images on my social media pages. Especially as local team AFC Bournemouth have done so well to win the championship and gain promotion to the premiership. I'm a spurs fan, but to see the local club in our area do so well is superb! Of course it wasn't too long ago I was shooting pictures of their stadium to use as backgrounds for my PRO FOOTBALLER pictures. Needless to say, if your kids are AFC Bournemouth fans, and you want a portrait with them in their kits inside the stadium to celebrate their history making season, book now.

On this note, I'm excited to be taking my PRO FOOTBALLER stand to Bournemouth Sports FC end of season presentation evening this weekend. I'll probably post a few pictures of the setup on facebook so make sure if you aren't following me you do so here to keep up to date.


I have a few PRO FOOTBALLER shoots in the pipeline so will be sure to share results here soon. I'm also working on a couple of other projects that I'll blog about soon so stay tuned.


For now though, in sticking with PRO FOOTBALLER pictures as the theme of the moment, I've included again my PROMO video for anyone new to the blog. Please share with friends and families you think may be interested. As always, I really appreciate the support.

Thanks for reading and having a great weekend!


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Hopefully everyone is enjoying the sunshine. You may have seen on my facebook page my new PRO FOOTBALLER stand and photo book all set up and ready for this years presentation evenings and tournaments.


I wanted to share a few iphone snaps of the stand and banners here on the blog. I need to mention Print Designs who did an excellent job with my artwork designs to bring all of this together for me! Really impressed and great customer service so check them out if you need any of this kind of stuff. You'll see my son at the end standing next to the banner looking a bit shocked at his picture on the banner - gives a good idea of the size of these which I'm delighted about.


I'm also loving my new PRO FOOTBALLER photobook making it easier for people to take a look at my work rather than working through full size prints. ...


I'm hoping to take the stand to several clubs and events through the summer onwards so will keep you posted. First up is Parley Sports FC where I'll be setting up the stand tomorrow and Sunday so if any of you are there, be sure to come over and say hello.

Here is link to my PRO FOOTBALLER page and below is my latest PROMO video. Hope you like it and share.

Enjoy the weekend!


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PRO FOOTBALLER WEEK - Promotional Video Not much talking to do today except to say please check out my  new PRO FOOTBALLER promotional video below and if you like it and/or know any one that might be interested, please feel free to share this blog or the link to my PRO FOOTBALLER package info page HERE.




Thanks as always for reading, 


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PRO FOOTBALLER WEEK - The Main Pro Footballers My latest PRO FOOTBALLER work came in from Stephen and Amanda Main, for their 3 football crazy sons, Lucas, and their twins, Alex and Harry. The three of them play for Bournemouth Sports FC for their respective age groups, so wanted to capture them in their team colours.

If you've seen my PRO FOOTBALLER work, you'll know it has a certain look and feel to it. I don't tend to do cheesy smiles in any of more, and whilst my PRO FOOTBALLER shoots tend to be with junior players, this doesn't change. I want the players to look like they mean business. Real serious because when I add them to the backgrounds, I purposely add in more drama and impact to the pictures aswell. Heavy clouds, lots of detail etc.


So, it's always great when my clients share this vision and totally get the look we are aiming for, and Stephen, Amanda and the boys totally nailed it. No warming up was needed, once the lights were setup and we got the player positions organised, the boys were on form behind the camera pulling out several awesome poses!

Even though shooting three players, I tend to shoot each player individually and then bring them together in photoshop. Once the favorite three pictures were selected, I produced a quick test shot cutting the players out very roughtly, positioning them on a background and then reviewed with Stephen and Amanda to make sure positioning and sizing of the players works. Then onto the processing side. I'm not going to talk any further on this, instead I've created a very short video that shows the out of camera pictures, the background and then the different steps I went through.........


Here is the final image added to the black mount that I put these on for print.

You can see more of these in my PRO FOOTBALLER portfolio and if you are interested in having one of these shoots, be sure to check out my PRO FOOTBALLER page and feel free to get in touch with any questions.


Thanks for reading,





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PRO FOOTBALLER WEEK - Q&A My PRO FOOTBALLER package has been running for a couple of years now and continues to be received well. I've been meaning to give the PRO FOOTBALLER package details page a make over for some time now, and create a newer version of the promotional video which shows the process I go through in creating these. I've finally got round to doing this so  am calling this week PRO FOOTBALLER week to help relaunch the package. Each day I'll be posting about my PRO FOOTBALLER pictures so please keep an eye on the blog, and my social media. As always I really appreciate support, likes and shares that my followers and customers give me. 

So first up is a Q&A to help explain what my PRO FOOTBALLER package is all about, why it's different and unique. With much of my work being concept based, this package still represents one of my best value offerings, so I wanted to give a good over view here on the blog and thought doing so in a Q&A format would be good approach........



PRO FOOTBALLER is a specific package I offer to junior football players who wish to be captured in a dramatic, billboard style image. However, this is a photoshoot with a difference, as I cut out the players from the studio background and blend them into a football background, adding effects and enhancements to the entire image to create a picture that has impact and is full of detail and drama.


How much does it cost?

My PRO FOOTBALLER package costs £100.


What do you get for £100?

  • Planning and preparation for the shoot - ideas about kit, accessories, posing, backgrounds to be used and more.
  • The actual shoot - photoshoot under studio lighting - typically lasts 30 - 45 minutes working different poses until we get 'the shot!'
  • Private online proofing gallery allowing you to choose your favorite image.
  • Professional processing, retouching and blending of the player into chosen background.
  • 24X16 high quality print mounted on black surround.
  • Post and packaging charges for the print. (prints have to be collected from me, however instead of printing myself, I use a leading  lab who charge for delivery to me.)


So when you say you cut out the players, apply professional processing, retouching, blending into backgrounds and so on, what does that involve and what difference does this make?

Check out my promotional video to help explain more:




How long does it take you to create the image once decided on the pose?

The processing and retouching typically takes on average around 3 hours. Sometimes more, sometimes bit less, depending on what we are doing with the picture. 


How long does it take for the print to arrive?

I usually say to allow up to 2 weeks for your print to be ready for collection, although I normally better this.


Do you shoot more than 1 player?

Yes. I can add more players to the image, however additional charges do apply given I have to work through the processing, retouching and blending into background work for each player. I also get queries to shoot entire teams and the same applies.


Can I get more prints?

Absolutely...and if ordered at the same time as the original print order, you won't be charged for post and packaging again. I can get prints for all sizes so feel free to get in touch and I can share all the options with you for print sizes.


Can you frame the image?

I can, however this does mean additional costs so again, feel free to discuss these with me and we can agree what makes best sense for you.


Do you require a deposit?

Yes please. As with all bookings, a 50% deposit gurantee's the studio at a certain time and also covers print orders.


How can we see your work?

I have a dedicated Pro Footballer photobook on my website which you can access here. I also have a printed portfolio which you are more than welcome to come and take a look at. I also hope to run a stand again in the summer this year at some of the local football tournaments in Bournemouth and surrounding areas, so you can keep an eye out for me.


Do you run any offers on your standard price?

From time to time, I have run reduced rates on the package, however this tends to be rare as a lot of work goes into producing the images which are a unique investment, and where the price includes the print aswell, it really is great value already.


How do I book?

You can contact me via email - or can call me on 07919 222131. Not just for bookings by the way, if you have any questions about any of the above, or anything else, please don't hesitate to call me any time with no obligation whatsoever.


Thanks for reading. As mentioned above, I'd really appreciate if you can share this page with anyone who may be interested.




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BACKUP People! Real quick post today. I've said it before, but make sure you back up all your pictures. I spoke to friend the other day who said they haven't backed up phone and camera pictures for nearly a year which made me wince! 


Don't run the risk guys - priceless memories captured in your pictures need to be protected! Especially nowadays where many people are relying on their phone as their main camera to take their snaps. I run a military operation for backing up devices in our house these days given Mrs C has a habit of dropping phones into water! :)


With Christmas, new year and 2014 done, make sure all the magic is protected and you keep on top of your favorite pictures.


Have a good weekend.


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B&W Portrait - Simple sometimes best! You'll of seen a couple of images I've created recently here on the blog, on Social media and in my portfolios of model Dan Holbeche. Dan has worked with me on a number of personal projects, some that will be shared this year. The last picture I worked on was a snow themed image involving plenty of photoshop work processing, retouching and effects, as does much of my work. However, I stumbled across one of the shots taken shortly after the snow pose, where Dan is wearing the same winter jumper but with a hat aswell, and I fancied having a play around with this with the aim of simplfying everything.  I don't do too much on white background these days but I wanted to give this a black and white finish, so a simple white background would work well and emphasised the focus just on Dan.


So here is the final image. In terms of the post processing, I amended the crop a little bit to bring Dan's face closer and allow for some negative space, and I then worked on blemishes, details and some light work on shadows and highlights.

Hope you like. You can see a larger higher resolution version in my portfolios by clicking here.

One thing is for sure, I love black and white and don't create enough of it into my work. Something I want to change!

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With the new year in full swing, I wanted to call out all Athletes. Whether you are at the beginning of a journey to better fitness and shape, or you are already a fine tuned human specimen. If you play a specific sport, are a boxer, martial arts expert, instructor, personal trainer, footballer, rugby player, basketball player, netball player, Whatever your sport, or if you are working towards some specific goals and want to track your progress, make sure you capture your achievements!


How can I help with this?

I specialize in creating sports athletes portraits. These aren't your normal sports action shots per se. I tend to work more on capturing athletes posed, but in an image that tells a story, trying to portray the hard work and dedication that has gone into becoming the athlete you are today.

What is different about my work?

Most of what I create is concept based. It starts with an idea, a theme, and will more often than not involve me shooting a subject in the studio, and then going out and capturing a suitable background that will combine well with the subject, but also help create a final image that has impact.


Below are examples of where I have done just this, and you can access my athletes work here. If you are an athlete and have an idea and think I can help create an image for you, feel free to get in touch. I'm always keen to talk through ideas with no obligation whatsoever.


Thanks for reading!








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