Stuart is a portrait photographer, creative artist and retoucher specializing in sports athletes and lifestyle portraits and is known for his dramatic and gritty imagery.

Working mostly to a defined concept, and often using compositing and the latest editing techniques, all the way through to the final print, his mission as a creative artist is always to produce something unique, that has impact, and leaves an impression.


Whilst mainly working with adults, Stuart is also well known for his PRO FOOTBALLER portraits with junior players creating dramatic images of them in their favorite football team colours. You can check more out about these by clicking here.


Stuart also creates land and dronescape imagery and you can check out his portfolio of pictures and videos, 'The World Around Us' here.

Based just outside Bournemouth, Dorset with his wife, three kids and the dog, if he's not got a camera in his hands, he is focussing on them.