New Work - Concepts with Dan Holbeche

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I've done a lot of work with Dan Holbeche in the past, particularly concept based and was pleased to create some new work with him again. Dan has been building a modelling portfolio for a while now and wanted some different looks to include. This is always good news for me as I try out different kinds of techniques and looks to my work.


The first picture was using a background captured early evening, where I wanted to darken the mood a bit and give more of a night time feel. I liked the angles, lines and perspective in this background once I'd enhanced it and rejigged it a bit to work with the portrait of Dan. Then it was a case of lining up the light in the background to the highlight's on Dan's face, and then blending him in and retouching. Colour wise I wanted low key so bought down the exposure and gamma a little to achieve the final look.

The next picture was a simple fashion/lifestyle portrait on a clean white background to give freshness, and then I applied a black and white finish. 


Finally was a picture with some motion in, where Dan is walking to towards the camera. At first I wasn't sure what kind of background to use with this, if any, and was contemplating a texture or something plain, however where he is walking, I didn't feel that would work, so I went with the large double doors, steps and used the light at the top to line up with the highlights on Dan to help sell it. I added a ton of addition lighting into this, normal retouching on Dan and then it was a case of blending and applying an overall colour tone to the picture to match the door light.

It's always great working with Dan. He is great at understanding the concepts I have in mind, and nails the poses and coolness every time. You can see him all over my website so check out my different photobooks, and will no doubt see more in the future.

I hope you like. If you having any questions about these or if you would like to have something similiar created, feel free to send me an email

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.





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