Motorbike Portrait Shoot

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I've added a couple of shots to my portfolio from a recent fashion portrait shoot using a motorbike as a prop. I wanted to find a location that would allow for some natural light/hazy lens flare style shots of the models and the bike, aswell as some grittier, more detailed images.


I worked with models Matt Holbeche again along with Helena Rose for the first time. We decided on the shoot very quickly, so there wasn't a lot of time to prep. However, we shared a couple of ideas and I have to say both the models bought their 'A' game!

The first selection of shots were focusing on using the natural light available, with a single light bought in for some fill. Here are the results with Helena on the bike:



The next shot was something we had specifically discussed wanting to create. This was actually inspired by a marketing picture that Fossil had taken. The look, feel and the bike itself had a 50's feel, so we wanted to put a slightly more modern twist on it. This was taken once the light had dipped a bit more, around 8ish in the evening, and I used a single light in a large soft box, high up facing down to create some flattering soft shadows. I created two finishes in the post processing. One in black and white, and then the other, which is my favourite, with more of a desaturated look. I thought these can out pretty cool!



Finally the shot that is currently appearing first when you land on my website home page. I had some real fun with this in the post processing stages adding clouds as the sky was very flat and uninteresting, and doing quite a bit of work on the skin to enhance the shadows and highlights, and also to give it a gritty feel, but also a slight cartooney look. Finally I applied a black and white conversion and really liked the results.


I hope you do aswell......



Thanks for reading.

Any questions about the way I captured the images, the lighting, or the post processing, am always happy to share so feel free to drop me a comment or email.



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